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Tenant Information

When you rent from us, you will be treated with a high-level of for rent

professionalism, courtesy, and quick response to your maintenance

needs. We look forward to working with you to find your next home.


Important!! All applications must be completed online Here.


For your conveinience, I have compiled a list of Local Utilitities for you to get your power, water and gas turned on, click Here.


Please download the Resident Handbook Here.
Move In Move out form in fillable format click Here
Current Landlord Tenant Act copy click Here


Attention, your application will be rejected if the following instructions are not followed!
Required with your application;


Make application fee payable to “Sandy Lim”, Money order or Cashier’s checks only!! NO CASH or PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted.

Dropping off:  2450 S Arizona Ave #1, Chandler AZ 85286 (night drop available)
Mailing: PO Box 11086 Chandler AZ 85248

Please send all information at the same time. I only process complete application.


Credit Requirements:


  1. A credit report will be processed on each adult perspective occupant. (18 Years and older) A positive credit report will result in the “normal” amount for the security deposit.

  2. A “low” acceptance will require an additional security deposit. The additional deposit will be based on overall credit, income, background, and rental history.

  3. We will estimate your income to debt ratio, if your average monthly payment of debt and/or collections is higher than your income, your application may be declined. Your combined gross income needs to be three times of your monthly rent.

  4. Bankruptcies must have been discharged prior to this application. Anyone having negative credit after a discharged bankruptcy may be declined. Open bankruptcies will also be grounds for denial.

  5. Absence of credit history will NOT result in complete denial of application. However, additional deposits or a qualified cosigner may be required.

  6. Any derogatory credit must have a reasonable and verifiable written explanation and will have to be cleared with the homeowners.

  7. Any past evictions and/or unfavorable rent history are grounds for immediate rejection.

  8. Tenants must have a clean legal report. Any items on the legal report must have a reasonable and   verifiable written explanation and will have to be cleared with the homeowners.

  9. Tenants must have good past rental references. (Minimum 3 years)

  10. All parties (all occupants age 18 and over) on the lease must fill out an application completely with Photo ID and last paystub.(If income is being considered for qualification)

  11. We pull credit and legal reports on all tenants. All references will be checked. Falsification of any   information on the rental application is grounds for immediate rejection.


Criminal History Requirements:


All perspective occupant(s) 18 years of age and older will also have a criminal check performed on them. If the following is listed on their criminal record, they may be denied residency, regardless of circumstances. They are:


  1. Any felony convictions

  2. Any perspective occupant(s) who is a registered sex offender or has had previous charges for sex offenses.

  3. Any misdemeanor or crimes that would jeopardize the health and safety of residents, staff, or property. This  includes all crimes involving possession, intent to deliver, and the sale of any drugs.

  4. More information can be provided upon request.



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