Landlord Testimonials-


I’ve been working with Sandy for many years and continuously enjoyed her seamless
and caring service experience. I have relocated to CA and had to use a local realtor
for a new purchase. The new agent does not provide best in class advice like Sandy
does. I continue work with Sandy for the property management of my AZ investments.
She minimizes the expenses and oversees my properties

-Angel from CA/AZ

Thank you so much for walking the house for me. You are so great!


I have been Sandy Lim's client for two years and I can say that she is a responsible and reliable agent. Her assistance for purchasing and managing our homes has been of great help. I am very satisfied with her work and will continue to work with her on future properties. Thanks, Mindy

"Sandy is a high caliber agent who is efficient in finding tenants for my house. When it comes to maintenance she is prompt in fixing my house, and very clear in record keeping (receipts in PDF, etc.) I would recommend her to anybody who is looking for a good agent. Michael

I am happy to provide a testimony. "Working with Sandy is really pleasant. She responds to questions and concerns promptly in a very professional manner. I am happy to work with her on my property." Best, Fan 3/19/2012

Sandy Lim is one of the best brokers I ever worked with before. She is professional, trustworthy, and helpful with her clients. She takes her job seriously and respects her clients with her hear. If there is any problem or concern, she will try correct and resolve issue in a timely manner. And for inexperienced clients, she will give her best advice.

Tenant Testimonials –

Hi Sandy, I received the refund of my deposit and was pleasantly surprised you refunded nearly the entire amount.  Thank you :) by Erika 5/1/2023

Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that the washer and dryer are fine. I figured out what was going on. Smaller loads have to be used in the washer, so everything is fine. Sorry about the late response on this. You have been a great landlord for the past three years. I definitely recommend your services to anyone that is looking to buy a home or rent. I really appreciate your diligence with any issues we have had in the past three years.Sincerely, Sylvia

Good afternoon Sandy. This Ken, my family and I currently rent the property at xxx.. Im emailing you to see if you have any rental properties with 3 to 4 bedrooms and a pool? Were looking for a nice rental property to fit our needs and prior to going to deal with anyone else we wanted to check with you first being the ideal landlord you have been for the past few years. If you have anything that fits into this category please feel free to email me or my wife Lydia whom live copied on this email as well. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Ken and Lydia

Thanks! They came today. I'd like to add, we've owned our home for 5 years previously. However, before that we leased and I have to say you are the most attentive and responsive property manager I've ever dealt with. Thank you!

Hi Sandy, The drip system is fixed. It did not take him long at all. Also, last night at 1am the smoke alarm in the kitchen started chirping. I was heading to home depot today to rent a ladder, but i noticed that Tom had one on his truck. I asked him if he would not mind switching the battery for me. It took him just about 5 mins. That is a high ceiling! I just wanted to let you know. It was a huge help for me.

Thanks again for being so quick to respond to things around the house! Besides last year in Boulder, CO. I have not rented since college. You are helping to make this a positive experience.
Have a great day! Catherine

Sandy I want to let you know we are very pleased with you and the maintenance staff you use. They have all been very professional and do a great jon. Thank you for your rapid response in fixing our work orders. We have enjoyed our home so far and it has been a good experience working with you. Gabriela

Hi Sandy, just wanted to thankyou for the quick response, A/C is working and I can sleep tonight in comfort. Thanks again Pete.

I want to thank you for a great rental experience. Thank you,

Home Buyer/ Home Seller Testimonials –

Sandy, Thank you for all the efforts, you are quite an efficient, able and trustworthy agent.
I am happy that you were recommended, and my husband chose you to deal with the transaction.
It's very impressed that we only spent around one month to go through it,
Again, thank you. Mei-hui

Thank you for all the efforts, you are quite an efficient, able and trustworthy agent. I am very happy that my friend recommended you, and my husband chose you to deal with the transaction. It's very impressed that we only spent around one month to go through it. Again, thank you. Mei, Attorney, New York, NY

When my husband & I decided to sell our home & purchase a new one, we were skeptical about choosing a real estate agent. When we bought our 1st home, being young & inexperienced home buyers, we were easily mislead by our previous agent. But, Sandy Lim has renewed our trust in realtors. She worked very closely with us ensuring that we understood & were in control every step of the way. Sandy Lim is very kind, knowledgeable & professional. Not only would I recommend her service, but would readily use her as my agent again in the future. Thank you Sandy for all your hard work & patience with us. Sandra, Nurse, Mesa, AZ

“Sandy is awesome! She is a true professional who is knowledgeable about real estate. During my home buying process, I trusted her to act in my best interest and counted on her when I needed assistance. I was so fortunate to have a professional like Sandy to guide me through the complicated process. She took time to listen to my needs and helped me found a home that’s right for me. I would recommend her to anyone who plans to purchase a property, without any qualification or reservation.” Paul, Attorney, Phoenix, AZ